pumpkin kueh - by Owen Tan Lifeisaboutbeingtheimpossible

600g of pumpkin, 

2 sticks of chinese chicken sausage, 
5 mushrooms, 
30-40gm of dried shrimps.
Dice the ingredients above.

Prepare rice flour mixture:
300gm of rice flour ,

750gm of water,
1 tsp salt, 
1 tbsp corn flour, 
4 tsp sugar; 
mix it well until no crumbs.
 Season with and stir fry every ingredients one by one, 
so that the flavour will be generated and thus released. .
Chinese sausage
No oil is needed for stir fry, cook until slightly brownish, and season with five spices powder.
Stir fry and Season with chicken seasoning powder.

Dried shrimp
The water don't dispose, can replace the water used in rice flour mixture. Squeeze the water out, and slightly fry it.

If possible, use spring onion oil around 2 tbsp. Heat the wok, add in the spring onion oil, then heat it while then add in pumpkin. . Season it with chicken seasoning powder around 2 tbsp and five spices powder around 2 tsp and black pepper(1 tsp).
Cook until the pumpkin is soft enough to be cut by using the ladle . Add in the side ingredients in one by one. . Then pour in the rice flour mixture use fish sauce to adjust the taste. Stir well, at low fire allows it to cook for around 10-15 mins( you will be able to see a big sticky and moist dough)
Prepare these before hand.
Prepare the mould, I used plastic bag which I cut according to my container interior space.. then brush with cooking oil.
Pour in the partially cooked mixture, use the ladle to level it. Brush oil on the top layer.

Prepare the steamer, put it in.switch to big fire and steam for 45-50mins..prepare Hot water,on and off add some water into the steamer to prevent drying up.

Chopped chili and spring onion can be used for garnishing purposes.

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