Steamed Cheddar Cheesecake - by Kelly Ng

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Steamed Cheddar Cheesecake

Ingredients :
3 eggs
100g sugar

4 slices cheddar cheese
125g milk
80g butter

220g Self-raising Flour

Methods :
1) Using hand whisk to whisk “A” until sugar dissolved and thicken.
2) Double boil B until cheese melted. Off heat and take out the pot in double boil, then add “A” and mix well.
3) Add “C” and mix until all well incorporated.
4) Prepare a 7” round tin, greased and lined.
5) Bring the water to boil, put the tin into the wok with boiling water, steam 25 minutes with medium heat.
Notes :
*I am using 4 slices of cheddar cheese mix with approx. 100g of Parmesan cheese.
*Cover the lid with cloth to prevent water dripping on the cake.
*Original recipe was called for 220g cake flour with 1.5tsp double action baking powder.
*Double boil mean to boil half pot of water in a big pot, put the cheese and other liquid in another smaller pot, put the smaller pot in the big pot and simmer it, keep stirring till the cheese melted.

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