Nonbake Nutella Oreo Cheese Cake‬ - by Huang Yong Sheng

30pcs of Oreo cookies
80g salted butter
250g Nutella
200ml Whipping Cream
500g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1. Crush all Oreo cookies into crumb. Add into the bowl of melted butter and mix it with a spoon.
2. Press crumb evenly onto the springform pan and flatten using the base of a glass. Chill it while making the topping.
3. Using a mixer, beat the softened cream cheese with the whipped cream (whipped till soft peak) and Nutella and until well combined. Pour over chilled base and smooth top. Then chill for 3-4 hours. Serve straight from the fridge.
Note: These amount of ingredients is good for a 8" springform pan, but i have a 9" so it looks abit low.. Haha.. The amount of icing sugar added is up to indiviual as how sweet u want ur topping to b. For me, i nv add any..
Optional: U can add crush almond nuts or peanut on top as the finishing for that extra crunch but i dun have any so nv add.. 😐

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