Tiramisu mini portion - by Chef Felicien Cueff

Tiramisu mini portion
Mascarpone 250 gm.
Egg yolks 4 each
egg white 4 each
Kopi 0 bag 2 each no sugar
Sugar 100 gm.
sugar 45 gm.

Boudoir cake ( dry long cake with grain sugar on the top, any cold storage as it in Singapore . (some call it lady finger) the lady comes in 2 packet of 12 , if you open both packet you can keep the boudoir into a lock-lock box for few days.
For the plastic mold container you will find them at Phoon huat Bencoolen about 12 each will do and also the chocolate pearl come in small packet.
Make strong kopi in a coffee mug with hot water .about 1/4 liter will do ,
Mix the egg yolk with 100 gm. of sugar till become yellow pale ( we call it blanchir or blanched in kitchen language) , soften the mascarpone and combine with mix egg yolk sugar .
Deep the boudoir cake into the kopi0 one by one and display in the cake 12 plastic container one per mold will do (make sure the coffee is not hot so you burn your finger ) you deep them very quickly if to long will break and that action of deeping in kopi0 should take you few second only to do.
Now you have your container with boudoir kopi0 ready put aside table ,
Whisk the egg white with a pinch of salt make sure the egg white are room temperature , when you see the egg starting to get firm add sugar in two time and keep whipping this operation can be a bit difficult but don't forget this for your love you can do it. if you have kitchenaid machine even better.
Combine slowly the mascarpone mix with the egg white and split all the mixture into the 12 plastic mold . display few chocolate pearl and some cocoa powder , if you don't have cocoa powder you can use milo powder also nice .
Voila ! bon appetit , if you like me to show you live step by step that also can be done request on PM please .