Pumpkin & sweet potato steamed buns (Ki Ka Ku) 喜板 = by Helen Low Yen Yen

Pumpkin & sweet potato steamed buns (Ki Ka Ku) 喜板
** makes about 8pcs
Recipe for :

Glutinous rice flour 125g
All purpose flour 125g
Caster sugar 100g (you may increase, if you want sweeter)
Cooking oil 15g
Instant Yeast 3g
Water 100ml
Pumpkin 100g ( steamed and keep the waters and mashed)
Purple sweet potatoes 1 pcs (steamed and mashed) *(about medium size , I didn't measure it )
Banana leaves (soften in hot water, cut into round shape) *(if don't have can use baking paper)

1. Steam the pumpkin and sweet potatoe, keep the water and mashed. Put aside to let it cold. Then cut the banana leaves into round shape, soften in hot water, then put aside.
2. Sift the flours . Mix well the glutinous flour, all purpose flour, sugars & instant yeast in a mixing bowl.
3. Take out 100g of the mixing flour from method (2) at above to another mixing bowl.
4. Then mix the mashed purple sweet potatoes into method (3) at above. While kneading, add in the water bit by bit (you may need more waters for this dough because purple sweet potatoes is more dry than pumpkin after steamed). Knead until soft and smooth. Add some cooking oil to this dough and knead for a while until smooth. Then put aside.
5. Mix the mashed pumpkin into the balance flour in method (2 ) at above. While kneading put in the water bit by bit. *(You don't need to pour in all the water as you have into the dough. .if the dough is wet enough just stop to add in the water. If not wet enough, you may add more water as desired). Knead until soft and smooth. Add some cooking oil to this dough and knead for a while until smooth. Then put aside.
6. Grease your hand with some cooking oil. Shape the purple dough into round ball. It can makes up to 18 round balls. ( I didn't measure the weight, so just agak agak lah..) place the 6 round balls in the center of each banana leaves. And flatten the dough by pressing your palm on the dough ball. *(The balance of 12 purple round balls can be used to place around at another two yellow round ball as pedals later. I place 6 purple round balls on each yellow round ball. Remember to keep every round ball a distance, do not stick them together before proofing).
7. Grease your hand with some cooking oil. Shape the yellow dough into round ball. Can makes up to 38 round balls. Place 2 round balls in the center in each of 2 banana leaf. Then the balance yellow dough, continue to shape the round ball and place around the purple round ball you have on the banana leaf as the flower's pedals. Flatten the yellow dough by pressing your palm on the dough ball. *( I put 6 yellow round balls around each purple round ball)
8. After done all of the round balls. Put aside for proofing about 30mins. *(When you see the dough has proofing in bigger size and stick each other together, and try use your finger to touch it. If there is not hard, then it's ready to steam)
9. Steam over hot boiling water for about 10mins or until cooked. Then open the lid a little bit for about 3 minutes to let the heat and steam air come out slowly. *(This to avoid the steam hot water to drop on top of the bun). Then take out the bun and let it cold.

** if you want the surface of the bun look smooth and no winkle like that. Make sure u have grease enough oil on your palm while shape the round ball. .the round ball should look very shinning and *licin. Then the bun will look very pretty and smooth on skin after steamed.
** Place the each round ball a distance. Because it will turn more bigger after proofing and it will stick together.
** Don't let water drop on the top of the bun before or cooked while in the steamer.
** The bun can put at room temperature for about 3 days. Or you may keep it in fridge (can up to 1 week), re-steam it while u want to eat.
Enjoy your homemade for your lovely family ♡♡

Fiona Lau

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