Homemade Fish Scale Jelly, Organic Collagen - By Fiona Lau

Homemade Fish Scale Jelly, Organic Collagen
What is Collagen

Collagen are naturally occurring proteins which has great tensile strength and is the main component of fascia, cartilage, ligaments, tendon, bone and skin. For cosmetic purposes it is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, it typically moisturizes the skin and helps it appease firmer and smoother. It can also be an effective treatment for arthritis-related pain and inflammation.

Type 1 collagen which makes up of 90% of the proteins in our body can be denatured from fish scales where it can be consumed as a form of daily collagen supplement. Main attributes on collagen consumptions would be it's anti-aging effect, other effects may be bone, tendon and cartilage replenishment.

As our body only begin to stop producing collagen at an average age of 35 and the earliest of 30 years old. Consumption of denatured collagen before then would not have much contribution at all. As the name supplementary suggest, denatured collagen usually stay in our body between 16 to 32 hours and thus requires daily consumption, this is due to it's nature of being thermally unstable.

Why Fish Scale Collagen
Fish scales has the highest level of extractable collagen - up to 96%, approximately 1.5 times higher than animal-derived collagen. In addition, the extraction process for fish collagen  greatly preserves it's triple-helix structure, thus beeping polypeptides and amino acids intact. These proteins naturally complement collagen and make the resulting treatment more effective.

Other than collagen, calcium phosphate and keratin can also be extracted from fish scales. Calcium phosphate is beneficial to strengthening of bones and teeth for preventing osteoporosis. Keratin is the key structural component of hair, nails and the outer layer of our human skin. This will help heal our hair resulting in a smooth and silky texture.

Because there are no preservative in homemade

  Fish Scale Jelly- by Fiona Lau

 Ingredient :

1 bowl fish Scales
3 bowl of water
few Pandan leaves
150 gm dried longan
150 gm red date

* Required scales with some Tapioca Starch and coarse salt to remove smell from fish scale

 " Practices" :
1 ) After cleaning the fish scale, add pandan leaves into the pot and together with water bring boil.
heat and simmer for about about few hours until the scale are completely dissolved in the water or you also can cook with slow cooker as well.

 2 ) filter the fish scale when it completely dissolve.bring to cook , add dried longan ,cook for another 30 min and leave cool and pour into  a jelly mold and fridge for up to four hours or more . Ready to sever with cold only
1 ) You can remove the scales from the pot when you touch of a finger to confirm scale is completely dissolved.
2 ) frozen fish scale jelly recommendations are finish within seven days 
No stinky smell at all

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