Prawn Fritters / Hay Pia - by Joyce Ng

Prawn Fritters / Hay Pia Recipe Credit to ( Bunny’s kitchen)

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Batter’s Ingredients
• All purpose flour 200g
• Rice flour 35g
• Water 350ml (might need up to 400ml)

• Seasoning (no amount given, please est. it by yourself acc. to your own taste)
• Pepper powder
• Mushroom powder / chicken stock powder
• Fine Salt
• Five spices powder (this one not too much, maybe ½ tsp otherwise overpowered).

Raw Ingredients :
• Prawns cleaned, deshelled and cut to half or ¼
(depends on your liking, you can use the prawn with shell if you are using smaller prawn)
• Onions cut small
• Chieves cut about ½” – 1” long
• Carrots shredded about ½” – 1” long
• Red Chilli / chili padi (your liking) cut small / shredded
• Garlic chopped
• You can also add beansprouts / long beans etc…..

The tool you need : the cracker mould OR the soup scoop.

Methods :
1. Mix all ingredients for batter until well combined.

2. Test the taste now before adding in the raw ingredients.

3. Once the taste is ok, add in all the raw ingredients EXCEPT prawn. If the batter is too thick, add water scoope by scoope, don't add too much. If you accidentally added too much water, please add some flour to thicken it.

4. Heat up sufficient oil for deep fried, put the mould in the wok let it heat up for about 30 -45 seconds for 1st use, otherwise the batter will stick to the mould.

5. Bring up the mould, scoope the batter (make sure have vege equally spread) and add the prawn on top, try to lightly press the prawn or scoope a bit of batter to cover it, this action is to let the praqn stick to the batter, it will not fall when you deep fried it.

6. Put into the wok, the batter will detach from the mould after 1 minute or shorter (if your mould is hot enough).

7. Let the mould stay in wok for few seconds and then repeat step 5~6.

8. Serve with chili sauce or Mayo….. best serve while hot. It will soften after cool down. You can AF it to make it crispy again.

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