baked Fruitcake - by Maya Tekwani

I'm grateful for your moral support dear. We bakers have been gifted with the ability to create fantastic recipes. Some recipes I do share but there are others I hold closely to my heart for personal reasons. There is always a time for everything and I do not believe in bringing this gift to the grave, as many of you may seem to think so. Why do I then post something I do not want to share? Just because! I wanted to share the joy I'd experienced then. I could go on & on but I think you guys can get the point. So, here's the recipe. It may not be that great a recipe to most of you great & fantastic bakers out there but this means a lot to me. Maybe you bakers can bring this recipe to another higher level than I can. I bid you happy baking in the spirit of Christmas

Recipe for fruitcake:
250g plain flour, 

1tsp baking powder, 
1 tsp rempah kueh, 
250g butter, 
200g soft brown sugar, 
5 eggs, 
4tblsps brandy, 
60g chopped almonds, 
1kg mixed dried fruit.

Sift together flour, baking powder & rempah kueh into a bowl & keep aside.
Cream the butter & brown sugar in a separate bowl until mixture is pale.
Beat the eggs with a fork first before adding this into the mixture, a little at a time. Add in the brandy. If mixture begins to curdle, don't panic, just add in 1-2tblsps flour & mix until it comes back to normal.
Now, toss the almonds & mixed fruit into the flour mixture. Then add this gradually to the egg mixture using a spatula.
Mix well so that all ingredients are distributed.
Pour mixture into prepared tin (I greased & lined an 8inch sq tin).
Bake for 1hr first in 150 degrees C, then reduce to 100 degrees C for the next 2hrs.
By this time, the cake is done. Pour abt half cup of brandy over the cake & let it cool in the tin.
Once cool, take the cake out fm the tin, store it in an airtight tin & keep it in the fridge until Christmas time.

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