Honey Condensed Milk Cupcake - by Joice Yu

Honey condensed milk cupcake. Can't resist the taste of honey.

Use Yellowish Cupcake Cup (Bee's style XD )
Make 8 cupcakes
Recipe credit: Carol Hu

Two A grade eggs
Brown sugar 40g
Low protein flour 70g
Honey 10g
Condensed Milk 10g(Can replace with honey, but I used F&N condensed milk, more flavor)
Full cream milk 20g
Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp
Corn oil 40g (you can opt for butter)

1.Use room temperature eggs.
2.Mix condensed milk, full cream milk and vanilla essence, mix well.
3.Sieved the flour.
4.Get a bigger bowl, fill with warm water (the heat is acceptable when you put your fingers to test )
5.Preheat the oven to 170c (Preheat when you ready all the ingredients if you work slow)
1.Put egg, sugar and honey into a bowl, and put the bowl in a bigger bowl that filled warm water. (Fasten the whole egg beating process)
2.Use low beat to beat the ingredients until mix well.
3.Then turn to high speed, beat until it form ribbon stage (about 8 minutes)
4.When you take off the beater whisk and see the batter stay on the batter for more than 10 sec, then it's in ribbon stage.
5.Add in flour in two times, cut and fold, don't over mixing, if you dont want to taste rubber cupcake.
6.Then take out small portion of batter, put into the milk bowl, mix, then pour into the batter, cut and fold, mix well.
7.Then take out small portion of batter, put into the corn oil bowl, mix, then pour into the batter, cut and fold, mix well.
8.Pour the batter into cupcake cup, till 90% full.
9.Before the beautiful go into oven, spray some water on the cupcake (6 times), bang a few times to get the air pocket out.
10.Put into preheated 170c oven, baked for 17 minutes.(My oven is kinda HOT, I baked in 150c, 20 minutes)
11. Unmould the cupcake once it's out from the oven.
12.Use slightly wet towel to cover until it's completely cool. (To keep the babies moist and soft!)
13.Lastly put them in airtight container, can last for 2 days in room temperature.
1.Can replace condensed milk with honey if you want.
2.If you use cold eggs, make sure you bath the eggs in 50c warm mater for 5 minutes.

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