English Muffins - Kelly Ng

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English Muffins

Yield approx. 1 dozen
I am using Breadmaker (BM) to knead the dough. Save a lot of trouble.

Ingredients :

57g melted butter
1tbsp sugar
2 cups warm milk ( I used 3tbsp full cream milk powder and mix with 2 cups warm plain water)
1.5tsp instant yeast
1 egg
510g plain/all purpose flour (sieved)
1.5tsp salt

Some all purpose flour & Cornmeal / Semolina flour for dusting

Instructions :

1. Follow the usual BM’s sequent and put in the ingredients, first are wet ingredients like milk, egg, butter. Then will be dry ingredients like sugar, salt and 510g sieved flour. Lastly is make aa well at the center of the flour, and add in yeast. I used my BM kneading function and knead for 20 minutes.
2. When the dough is ready, transfer the dough to a big container / bowl, cover with cling film / wet cloth, proof for 1 hour or till double of the size.
3. After the dough is proofed, dust the worktop and transfer the dough on the worktop.
4. Flatten the dough by using your hand to pat it, not using roller pin, make it about 1.5cm thick. Use flour on your hand or oiled your hand if it is too sticky.
5. Use a cup or cookies cutter to cut out circles, leave it on worktop to proof for 10 minutes.
6. Prepare an oil free frying pan, pan fry the muffins till both sides turn golden brown.
7. Remember ! Use fork to cut the muffins in order to achieve the crannies effects like what you see in McDoxxxx.
8. After cut it into half, you may apply some butter at the inner side, and pan fry till the inner surface a bit crispy and brown in colour. Then serve with egg / bacon / ham / cheese. 

9. You can store the muffins in air tight container till next day, heat up by pan fry / bake in oven / air fry. 





2杯温牛奶(我用3 汤匙全脂奶粉和2杯温水拌匀)
1.5 茶匙盐

一些中筋面粉和cornmeal flour 或是 semolina flour 来防沾


1,按照通常BM的次序放入材料,首先是湿的材料,如牛奶,鸡蛋,黄油。然后将干燥的材料,如糖,盐和510克过筛的面粉。最后是在面粉中间用手机挖一个井, 并加入酵母。我用揉面功能揉20分钟。
4,用手慢慢把面团拍平至大概1.5cm厚,我不是用木棍。如果面团太粘, 用点面粉或油手放沾。
6,准备一个无油的平底锅,不用放油, 把一个个圆面团干煎直到两面变褐色。
9,吃不完的马芬, 可以收在密封的食物盒子。 第二天在煎/烘热。

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