Chocolate Orange Butter Cake - by Kinssa Shinness

😋 -Once again- A light all-in-one cake. {beat all ingredients in one big bowl}. This Chocolate Orange Butter Cake taste mo yummy than orange cake I baked b4. Especially the aroma of orange wth chocolate i made 2 batch, the 2nd batch top with marshmallow kid love it so much. Yummy 😋
🍫 巧克力香橙牛油蛋糕
Chocolate Orange Butter Cake 🍫

牛 油butter -180g 

黄糖brown sugar -100g (I used 蔗糖sugar cane -75g) 
巧克力米chocolate rice -100g 
鸡蛋eggs -3粒 
自发面粉self-raising flour -170g 
可可粉cocoa powder -30g (I used Hershey 15g) 
苏打粉baking soda -1/4tsp 
橙汁orange juice -100g 
橙皮orange rind -1
粒橙皮1orange rind


- 我多加2tbsp的Greek yogurt & 50g的蔓越莓干在蛋糕里头 & 还有一些棉花糖
- I add extra 2tbsp of Greek yogurt & 50g dried cranberry into the mixture & some marshmallow

1. 将全部材料倒入大碗中,打至均匀
- Pour all ingredients into mixing bowl, beat well

2. 把蔓越莓干加进面糊, 拌均
- Add dried cranberry into mixture, mix well

3. 面糊倒入原型模型烤170。- 40分钟至熟 (我用纸杯烤170。- 20分钟)
- Pour mixture into round baking mould bake 170。- 40minutes or till cooked (I used paper cupcake baked 170。- 20minutes)

Sprinkle marshmallow on top & gently press marshmallow into the batter

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