Tangmian Strawberry Yoghurt Milkshake Hokkaido Cup Cake-LinLin Bakkie


新鲜草莓 105g
草莓优格 65g

A)草莓优格奶昔 160g
草莓香精 1茶匙
植物油 60g
幼糖 30g
蛋黄 (A) 6粒
自发粉 120g

B)蛋白 6粒
幼糖 60g

(我家烤箱Toyomi 60L很热情,自家烤箱,自己拿捏)

草莓果酱 50g
Topping cream 150g
草莓香精 1茶匙

Tangmian Strawberry Yoghurt Milkshake Hokkaido Cup Cake-LinLin Bakkie

Fresh Strawberry : 105gm

Marigolds Strawberry Yoghurt Drink : 65gm
Blend both together become strawberry yoghurt milkshake - use 160gm of milkshake to make cake and the balance use to make strawberry cream filling

A) Strawberry yoghurt milkshake 160gm
Strawberry essence 1 tsp
Vegetable oil 60gm
Castor sugar 30gm
Egg yolk (A grade) 6
Self-rising flour 120gm

B) Egg white 6
Castor sugar 60gm


1)Use low heat to cook strawberry yoghurt milkshake, vegetable oil, strawberry essence and castor sugar till you see small bubble appear (do not need to boil) , add in the self rising flour stir to combine , add in the egg yolk and combine well, set aside
2)Preheat oven
3)Beat egg white until foamy, add the sugar in 3 portions and beat till stiff peak form.
4)Take 1/3 of egg white mix into egg yolk batter combine well, then fold in this mixture to the remaining 2/3 of the egg whites with a spatula till well combine. Scoop batter into paper cup to about 90%full. (43-45gm)
5)Bake at 110c for 15 mins, 125c for 15 mins, 140c for 8 mins. Total about 38 mins.
6)When done leave the cup cake in the oven for a while with the oven door open a bit to let the hot air escape. After take out the cup cake from oven “Bang bang” a few time to prevent the cake shrink.

Strawberry cream filling:

Strawberry Jam 50gm
Topping Cream 150gm
Strawberry essence 1 tsp
Beat all together till firm and stiff , fill into the piping bag then refrigerated 1 hour before use.

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