Fermented BLACK GARLICS - by Fiona Lau

Benefits of Black Garlic
A Priceless Gift from Nature With a less pungent flavor and nearly twice the antioxidants of fresh garlic, black garlic - aged, fermented garlic - may be the best ugly food you eat.
WHY IT'S HEALTHY: The powerful antioxidants in black garlic protect your cells from disease and can even help you stay younger longer. "As we age, we 'rust' due to our body's use of oxygen to metabolize food, as well as sun, smoke, pollution, and many other factors, "Casagrande says. "Antioxidants may help slow the aging process by blocking that 'rust' from forming."
HOW TO EAT IT: The gentle, sweet flavor of black garlic makes it a versatile superfood - add it into any recipe in which you'd use fresh garlic, from pasta dishes to soups and stews. The best part? No garlic breath. 
Very very easy. All u need is get a old type of rice cooker. Put whole garlic in the rice cooker. Then on power. Make sure is on " keep warm mode". then leave it alone for 17-20 days (do not open) remember don't Off the rice cooker power, after 18 days have passed open the pot and switch out bottom layer of garlic with top layer of garlic then keep the cooker closed for 5-7 more days. before taking them out to air dry, peel off one or two to check if they are done (color should be  black in colour) air dry them for 15 - 20 days in the shade

Let me show you this !!!Amazing BLACK GARLICS ..!!! Do you heard about the BLACK GARLICS ,,!! I really did this on my own experiment ..and success .. I really feel proud of myself
Share how to make this wonderful fermented black garlic at home.

1. Buy 15-20 bulbs of organic garlics (I used organic garlic from China & Holland). USE ONLY ORGANIC GARLIC.

2. In a electrical rice cooker that has cooking and warming settings, place the basket vegetable steamer at the bottom of the rice cooker. Place the garlic about 15-20 bulbs in an upright position in the rice cooker.

3. Spray the garlic with draft beer (any beer) lightly.( this is optional ) you also can omit

4. Closed the lid and plug the rice cooker, set it at warming. I recommend keeping the rice cooker in store. It smells really very strong. I kept mine on the store room, water is evaporating from the garlic very quickly about 4 days.. ha ha ...  i can be sure that the Dracula and vampire won't be knocking on your house door... ha ha ha

5. Leave it alone for 18-20 days. DO NOT OPEN PRIOR TO 15 DAYS.

6. Take the garlic out and place them on a tray and let it dry for another 20 days in a cool dark place.
( I dried mine in normal room temperature.)

7. Put the garlic in a Ziploc bag and store air type container.

8. Peel 3 bulb at a time and eat 3 with food or just eat like titbit.

9. Drink plenty of water

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