Kueh Lapis - by Cindy Chee Yit Fuen

Ingredient A:
500g Semi-hard Butter, 
300g Condensed Milk ( I put 260g), 
3 tsp Rum Flavour, 
20 Egg Yolk, 
200g Sugar ( I put 180g),
150g Plain Flour, 
2 tsp Lapis Cake Spice
Ingredients B: 
10 Egg White, 
50g sugar 
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
Preheat oven at 200 degree (grease & line paper in a 8" incsquare baking tin.
Cream butter, condensed milk, sugar, rum flavour till creamy, add in the egg yolk one at the time and fold in the flour and spice (sieve). Whisk egg white, sugar and cream of tartar at maximum speed till stif. Fold into the batter mixture (3 times).
Bake 1st layer @ 200 degree (upper & lower heat) until golden brown or cooked. 2nd layer onwards bake at 240 degree using upper heat only (but my oven is quite hot, I adjusted to 220 degree and also depend on individual's oven too). I also weight every layers about 100 - 105g
1st few layers are a bit longer around 4 to 5 minutes. Subsequently will take about 3 minutes. Use the presser (metal ring) to make it firmer and layered.
Press lightly on every layer. with  the presser Must be gentle to cake...ha ha ha!

 Cindy Chee Yit Fuen Reminder: Replace Rum with pandan paste and few drops of green colouring. NO NEED TO ADD in Rempah Kueh.

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