Caramel Custard baked with Vanilla Oreo Sponge.- by Tan Eim Meng

Preheat the oven with tray of water...@200C
Use water bath method throughout the two bake ..

Boiling sugar into Caramel
Sugar-1/2 Cup,Water-3Tbsp bring to boil until brown...add in 3 Tbsp of hot water to it and boiled for a minutes or two..pour into the pan or tin..
Evenly spread it around the 7" cake tin ,and give it a few bang to knock out the air bubbles within it.

Cooking Custard!
Fresh milk -250ml,sugar-30g
Stir shimmer until hot steam boil ya..
In another bowl,lightly whisk 2 eggs .. Add in the milk into 2 eggs when warm not hot..or the egg will be cook...keep on whisking while pouring the milk ..
Then pour the milk mixture into the Caramel tin over a strainer..
Give it a few gentle bang to knock out the air bubbles in the fluid..
Water bath the custard for abt 10 min @ 200C

Vanilla Oreo Sponge
Eggs-4 + Sugar-100g whisk until well combine.
Add in cake flour-100g
Combine well..
follow by adding Ovalett 10g.
Continue to whisk in high speed until thick and shiny o texture
.. Add in adequate Vanilla paste and Fresh Milk/water-40ml
Whisk the fluid and Vanilla paste until well combine...
Lastly ,whisk in low speed ,add in the oil/melted butter-50ml..when combine,add in adequate Oreo crush and fold gently...(Oreo Crush is an optional ingredient ya..)

Take out the Caramel custard from the oven,and pour the ready cake batter onto the not so set custard..
And continue to bake at 180C until done bake for the 2 round is somewhere around 26 -7 min..
Every oven different ,pls take note..

Try Use middle or middle low level in the bake..when using upper and lower heat to bake..use flat tray instead of rack provided by the oven ..preheat together the tray..made sure it is in the right temp when you put in your bake in the oven...if use fan mode..the heat must be lower then the recipe specified ...unless it written using fan mode..

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