vegetable Pau 大菜包 - By Fiona Lau

Vegetable Pau  大菜包 - By Fiona Lau

Ingredients for Pau skin:
4gm instant yeast 
180ml water
100g Plain Flour
180g Bread Flour
50g wholemeal Flour
50gm fine sugar
1 tsp (5gm) double action baking powder 
25gm shortening / vegetable oil

Ingredients for filling 
500g medium turnip (grater)
1 small carrot (shredded) 
3 tbsp dried prawns (chopped)
120g black fungus (soaked )
Oyster sauce + 3 tbsp water 
Sesame oil
Soya sauce
Garlic and shallots 
Saute garlic, shallots and dried prawns, add turnip and carrot and seasoning.
Fry until dry and leave aside to cool. 
Mix instant yeast, sugar and water.
Combine Pau flour, double action baking powder and shortening. 
 Mix to yeast mixture and hand knead till the dough becomes smooth and soft.
(cover with a damp cloth, about half an hour or 45mins ( till double in size ) 
Divide  into 16 portions, put fillings and proof for 20mins. 
Steam Pau over medium heat for 15mins or till it's cooked.

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