Pandan Cake 班兰相思蛋糕 - By Loh Kay

Recipe credit to jaclyn娘娘 

A. 1 whole egg
5 egg yolks
Pandan juice 40g
Evaporated milk 20g
Corn oil 45g
65g flour
Salt 1/4 teaspoon or a little
B. protein 5
80g caster sugar
Cream of tartar 1/4 teaspoon or a little

1 whole egg and egg yolk, pandan juice, evaporated milk, corn oil and salt to fight hand blender from vesicles, then add flour beat until smooth stand (do not blow by wind, I covered with a cloth).
2 B beat until foaming material from the hook.
3 A + B mixed gently stir.

Universal cooker:
Note: Our oil paint points, including pan, add a round cake paper pot, then pour the material, easy to bake off a good touch.
Cake to cool completely before cutting effect is more beautiful.

Toshiba Universal cooker bake 38-40 minutes ~
Press Menu twice, see ___ in Baking, adjust the time according to Min, the last press cook.
* Other brands of universal cooker, too, by Cake or Baking.
Oven: 7-8 inch square mold, bake 160 degrees steaming method 50-60 minutes or until cooked. For reference (their own oven moderation)

 A. 全蛋 1粒
蛋黄 5粒
淡奶 20g
粟米油 45g
低筋面粉 65g
盐 1/4 茶匙或少许
B. 蛋白 5粒
幼糖 80g
塔塔粉 1/4 茶匙或少许

1. 蛋黄及全蛋,班兰汁,淡奶,粟米油和盐用手搅拌器打至起小泡, 再加入低粉打至滑待用(不要吹到风,我用布盖着)。
2. 材料B打至发泡起勾。
3. 混合 A+B 轻轻搅拌均匀。
按Menu两次,看到___在Baking, 调时间按Min,最后按cook.
烤箱: 7-8寸方模,蒸烘法160度烤50-60分钟或至熟。只供参考(自己的烤箱自己拿捏)

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