Choco Maltesers Cupcakes - by May Tay

Choco Maltesers Cupcakes
So rich; so moist; so sinful; so fluffy; so chocolatey.....yes, I don't mind fat-me-die tonight over these devine cupcakes. Worth sacrificing my rest time & withstanding the pain putting toothpicks to hold my eyelids. Even my bunnies gave their approvals tonight you know.
You see the super charcoal dark brown and you know what I mean.
150g butter (salted)
85g sugar
3 large eggs (if small use 4)
1 tsp vanilla
100g plain flour sifted
2 tsp baking powder sifted
50g coco powder sifted

Oven160 / 20-25mins depending on yr oven temp

Whisk butter w sugar till light/fluffy
Add one egg at a time and incorporate well
Add vanilla essence, coco powder, flour, baking and whisk till incorporated
Fill 1/2 of yr cupcake liners with the mixture, add Maltesers and too with mixture to 2/3 of the liner.
Place into oven & bake

3 egg whites
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp coco powder
12 tbsp (1 Cup)
Place a pot of water to boil. Then place 3 egg whites with 1/4 cup sugar in another small pot, whisk over hot water from the big pot for 3 mins or till volume triples.
Transfer meringue into a mixing bowl and make sure meringue is cool before you whisk another 7 mins.
Add one tbsp of butter at a time and whisk at medium speed
Finish all 12 tbsp, then you turn high speed to whisk till butter cream solidify.
Add 2 tbsp coco powder, mix and place in fridge to chill for at least 15 mins.
Ready for frosting.

My colleagues said I can sell cupcakes loh...LOL!!!
Prepare a pot of hot water and keep it simmering on a stove using small fire. Whisk egg white &
Sugar turns white and triple in volume (use 3 mins as a gauge).
This is called meringue. 
Transfer it into a mixing bowl. When it cos down, whisk for 7 mins.
 Add COLD butter 1 tbsp at a time and whisk at medium speed till butter is used up. Turn to high speed and whisk. 
12 tbsp butter = 1 cup

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