白糖糕 by Clara Fu

白糖糕 by Clara Fu

170g rice flour sifted...
130g castor sugar (use brown sugar if u want the brown version)
380g Water room temperature
3/4 tsp instant yeast (don't level the tsp)

1. Put sifted flour n sugar in a pot. Make a well in center n pour water in. Mix well.
2. Over low/slow fire, heat the flour mixture while stirring continuously. Purpose is not to boil mix but jus to melt sugar n make mixture slightly thicken.
3. While stirring keep lifting up yr ladle to check if mix is starting to get "gooey". The moment u see traces of it STARTING to get gooey, remove from fire. Is ok if mix don't feel "thickened"
4. Sieve the mixture into a mixing bowl to get rid of any formed "starch/goo" . Cool the mixture over a pot on cold water.
5. Mix yeast with abt 1 tbsp of warm water (not hot or it will kill yeast).
6. Once flour mixture cooled, by now yeast should be slightly foamy. Pour into mixture n mix well.
7. Cover with clingwrap n leave it in a warm place for yeast to develop , about 1 hour.
8. When time's up u should see bubbles all over the surface of the mixture. Mixture is ready to be steamed.
9. Stir the mixture slightly and Pour into an oiled tray. Steam on high heat for abot 15-20mins. (Water should already be bpiling b4 u put tray in)
Notes : if u hv no confidence in controlling the mixture from turning gooey, it's safer just to heat till sugar melt n remove from fire without the need to wait for the moment when it starts to turn gooey. Store kueh in containers or cover with gladwrap to prevent drying out.
I don't like those overly sweet stuffs so if u want sweeter u can adjust sugar.
Enjoy! ~

Fiona Lau

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